MAC Makeup inspired by Maleficent

ANGELINA Jolie as Maleficent
TRUE Love’s Kiss
When you cast one of the world’s most beautiful women in the role of a fairytale villain, you can expect some, well, fierce looks. But you don’t quite expect the makeup to be so well-made, it buoys the film and saves it from looking “costume,” so much so that women can wear it with confidence in everyday life.
That’s what happened with Disney’s “Maleficent,” headlined by Angelina Jolie, which reexamines the Sleeping Beauty story from an ingenious new perspective that’s deeper than what it seems. (Hint, if you haven’t seen it yet: It’s about female power and a broader definition of love.)
In a recent interview with Inquirer, Jolie’s personal makeup artist Toni G. told columnist Ria Prieto about the gorgeous “Maleficent”-inspired MAC makeup collection, with a stunning eye shadow palette that uses the “beautiful greens, blues and yellows” of Labradite stone.
Then there’s that knockout red lipstick, “True Love’s Kiss,” which is sold out on the makeup brand’s online store.
Catch the movie, and get some of that makeup. We may not all be as gorgeous as Jolie, but  the character—and for some, even the actress herself—can be worth emulating.

Assalam readers..

Ini sedikit petikan dari blog lifestyle yang bella dapat. Jika anda da tengok movie ni anda akan extremely addicted with lipstic and shading dy fuhh, yang belum tengok boleh klik SINI

Special complete for eyes, lips, face and nails make up

Semua complete siap dengan eyelashes dia, nail liquids, shading. sekarang ni da berderet tutorials macam mana nak make up ala Maleficent, boleh tengok video nih.

Bella dapat tahu Maleficent Makeup kit OUT OF STOCK! oh my.. Kat mana nak beli ni? hehe di semua cawangan MAC shop ya nak beli online pun boleh klik SINI 

DAB: I'm addicted with makeup stuff. Especially can transform you to Disney appearance. 


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